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An analytical- research journal in the field of Quranic studies and activates


Supervised by: The Quran and Itrat Deputy of the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance


Chief Editor: Mohammadreza Heshmati


Editor: Golalmreza Nuei


Issue 1


Managing director: We Are Now Publishing Golestan Quran Monthly in Electronic Format to be Easily Accessed by the Audience throughout the World


A Spring in the Ever-green Garden of Quran: Bahaeddin Khorramshahi

Hadi Arazm - Ahl al-Bait Choir Leader: “We Need Highly Motivated, Committed and Trained Members.”

Interview: Majid Akbari

Quranic Studies in Iran Today

Dr.Morteza Kariminia

An Interview with Mohsen Moeini, the Author of Encyclopedia of Persian Proverbs and Interpretations

Encyclopedia of Persian Proverbs and Interpretations - Mohsen Moeini

A Review of On the Road to Understanding Quran by Dr. Mostafa Abbasimoghadam


A Thesis Report

A Research by Abraham Geiger into the Link between Quran and Jewish Scripture

Non-governmental Activities

An Interview with Hujjat al-Islam Heshmati, Vice President of Quran and Etrat, Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance - NGO Quranic Activities


Organizing the Quranic Philanthropic Activities

The First Conference on Commemoration of Quranic Servicemen


Non-governmental Quranic Activities - Ontology and Contribution

An Interview with Mahdi Fazeli Mehrabadi, A Quranic Activist: "In Teaching Quran and Prayer to Children, the Goal Should be the Process, not the Product."

Quranic Studies around the World

A Review of Four Quranic Works from East to West

Quran Education in an Interview with Dr. Sabet Abolhaj, A Professor of Islamic Studies at Malaya University


Case Study 1 (Translation)

An Introduction to Translation of Holy Quran

Which Part of the Difficulties in Translation of Quran can be Lifted through Reference to Classic Scripture- and Why Should it be?

An Interview with Dr. Mohammadhasan Taghieh on his Soon-to-be-Published Translation of Holy Quran


Case Study 2 (Israelites)

An Overview of Israelites

The Impact of Israelites and Counterfeits on Religious and Quranic Screenplays

An Interview with Mahmoud Hakimi - Influence of Israelites in Quranic Stories

Dr. Mohammadtaghi Diari:"Israelites have Targeted the Public Believes."

A Brief Review of Israelites, Jewish Destructions and Forgery

A Selective list of Books and Papers on Israelite


Case Study 3 (Encyclopedia)

An Interview with Andrew Rippin, a Professor at University of Victoria, on the Leiden Enctyclopedia of Quran

A Glance at how the Encyclopedia of Quran has been Translated into Persian

A Brief Look at the Encyclopedia of Quran at Iranian Center for Quranic Culture and Teachings


Issue 2


The river that joined the sea

Abdolvahab Shahroudi 

Scholars’ honorary reverence for Beboudi a lifetime Quranic investigations

Majid Ma’aref and others 

A glance at the invaluable translation of the Quran by Behboudi and his other works

Hossein Alizadeh 

The meeting “Women in the Quranic thought” was held

Mahdi Mehrizi

Illustration of the Quranic stories: challenges and obstacles  

Impetuousness, poor taste and making books in series: disasters that threaten the illustration of religious books for children and young adults

A forum of experts 

Quranic illustration needs stylish patterns

Kazem Talaee  

What if the illustration of the Quranic stories were not forgotten

Ali Sabet 

We look at the insides and the status

Hesam al din Tabtabaee 

Glowing lamps

Dr. Mohammad Kazem Shakker 

A glance at Nasr Hamed Abu Zayd’s latest work :Innovation, Prohibition, and Hermeneutics

Mohammad Ali Ayazi

Abu Zayd’s jigsaw puzzle

Mohmmadreza Movahhedi

A critique of Abu Zayd’s theory of the Quran being a discourse

Jafar Nekounam 

A new effort for correction, retranslation and edition

Mohammad Ali Kousha 

Quranic investigations from the orientalist view point

Hanieh Morshedi 

Why should we…

Massoud Ansari 

Reverence for Professor Sayyed Mohsen Mousavi Baladeh

An adaptive study of the dialogs between god and the prophets in the Quran and the Old testament

Somayyeh Amini


Issue 3


Tafseer inquiry: a review of the past, a glance at the future in a discussion with the expert in the area of tafseer

Mohammad Kazem Shakker

New book titles in tafseer studies

Typology of tafseer from Andrew Rippin’s viewpoint

Mohammad Dehpour

Almasabih fi Tafsir (The lanterns in the interpretation): A hidden treasure in the history of Shiite tafsir

Morteza Kariminia

A report on a thesis: need for tafseer, essential or phenomenal?

Zakieh Javanmardzade

A critical analysis of orientalistic viewpoints to the tafseer works attributed to Ibn Abbas

Nosrat Nilsaz

A critical analysis of Al tafseer al Asari al Jamee

Tahereh Rajaee

Tafseer inquiry in the contemporary world

A forum of scholars

Tafseer studies in West and tafseer in Malaya

A forum of scholars

Evaluation of methods of paraphrasing the Quran

Mohammad Kazem Shakker


Issue 4

The Quran and the testaments in discourse with Mohammad Kashani

Hajar Khatoun Ghalami

A critique and evaluation of the book titled Trinity and the Testaments by Vahid Javad Baghbani

Mohammad Kashani

A report on the forum of Trinity in the Quran and the Testaments

Mohammad Kashani

A note to the book titled Confrontation of the Quran with Christian culture

Azam Pouya

Salvation form an adaptive viewpoint in the Quran and the New Testamen

Hajar Khatoun Ghalami

Prophets in the Quran and the Testaments: Are they the same?

Oliver Liman

A critique and introduction to the book titled The Father of the Prophets in the Quran

Mohammad Dehpour

Another glance at a competent interreligious work: The Bible, The Quran and Science

Maryam Sadat Hosseini

A critique and evaluation of the book titled The Quran and the Bible: The Common Themes

Ameneh Sae’edi

An evaluation of the book titled Religion and the One: Philosophies East and West

The real Mohammed and Jesus Christ in the thoughts of Ibn Arabi and Eckhart

Emdad Touran

From distortion to verification; the testaments from a Quranic point of view

A forum of scholars



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